WellWorx courses offer real-world training by industry experts for optimization, design, and best practices. Our training courses will take your tech to the next level for all major rod design software, SCADA system, and pump-off controllers.

In the WellWorx classroom, the course attendee will find they are surrounded by a variety of production personnel from operating and service companies alike. Production Engineers, Lease Operators, Production Foremen, Superintendents and CEO’s: The titles do not matter as the goal is to share experiences and tactics while building a foundation around the rod pumping aspect of our business. Each course is assembled to provide knowledge and optimization tactics in a memorable and applicable manner. In today’s market, understanding How It Worx from an artificial lift prospective is a skillset that is increasingly sought after. Our industry experts cover the basics and beyond in an interactive setting focused on knowledge and facts, not sales.


  • Interactive and informal environment
  • Networking opportunities with other operators in your region
  • A team of instructors providing shared perspectives
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • Training slideshow used as a guideline but chalk board and discussions are used to drive the points home
  • A room full of perspectives on the challenges we all face in our fields

Pick training that Worx for you

Rod Pump Best Practices



1. Reservoir and Flow Basics
2. Rod Pump Systems
3. Gas and Solids Separators
4. Wellheads and Tubing
5. Sucker Rod Basics
6. Pumping Units
7. Electric Motors
8. Dynamometer Cards
9. Artificial Lift Automation


  • Matt Raglin – WellWorx Energy
  • Don Crane – Endurance Lift Solutions
  • Ken Nolen – WellWorx Energy
  • Scott Malone – TRC Rod Services of Texas
  • Dr. Victoria Pons – WellWorx Energy

Customize Your Training

One Size Doesn’t always fit all

Sometimes our quarterly courses don’t align with your schedule or needs. And every project is different – we get it. That’s why customized trainings are key. Let our industry experts help train in designing, troubleshooting, or optimizing your next project. Everything from best practices to helping you design or set-up your next well, we can help.

Some of our more commonly requested custom trainings include:

  • Rod design-best practices, complete designs, software set-up, etc.
  • Scada set-up morning reports, alarming, host alarms, trends
  • POC fine tuning-VFD speed limits, efficient pump-off set points, production data etc.
  • CBM Trainings
  • BHA Design Practices

Rod Pumping: Principles, Best Practices and Technologies

Registration is now open for individuals and/or teams and training is scheduled quarterly.

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