An All-In-One Gas and Solids Separator


Innovation and continued progress is a hallmark initiative of the WellWorx think tank. To that end, WellWorx is proud to introduce The DOMINATOR for 5.5” casings. This tool features an impressive 3.625” ID with a 4.125” OD to create the LARGEST separation area on the market. Designed for low-to-mid-range production levels (0-400 Bbls./Day), The DOMINATOR has been revamped to create an increased 33 percent production rate compared to our smaller model, the HALO. With hundreds of years of combined artificial lift analysis and problem well troubleshooting, this team has been at the forefront of artificial lift technology utilized worldwide.

A Three Step Solution

In the first step, The DOMINATOR’S large separation area is used to decrease downward fluid velocity, allowing gas to exit naturally from the intake slots. In the second step, The DOMINATOR utilizes a precision-cut, dual-channel vortex to maximize fluid velocity and trap solids in the solids channel. The solids then drop through the dedicated sand drain, which ends directly above the entrance to the mud anchor. This patented technology makes The DOMINATOR the only gas and solids separator on the market that moves sand discharge away from the pump suction.

No Packer Required, Versatile, Built to Last

Designed to be fully functional without the need of a packer, The DOMINATOR is the most versatile separator on the market. The tubing anchor can be set either above or below the tool and is designed to run in, above or below the perforations, depending on what the well requires. WellWorx tools are designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest well conditions and outperform AND outlast all other separators on the market. With greater wall thicknesses, a stainless-steel dip tube and several coating options, The DOMINATOR is designed to fit any corrosive condition.

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Sales Sheet


Improved Performance

  • Tool with LARGEST annulus for gas separation on the market
  • Decreased fluid velocity before entering the dual-channel spiral
  • Reduced turbulence created within tool

Greater Suction/Discharge Velocity Ratio

  • Precision manufacturing allows for consistent cyclonic action
  • Dual-channel spiral increases capture of fine sand particles
  • Discharge goes directly into mud anchor and away from pump suction
  • Precision Machine-Cut Spiral
  • Effective on mesh sizes 20-100

Patented Sand Drain

Using state-of-the-art, patented drain technology, ours is the only tool on the market that moves sand discharge away from the pump suction.

How the DOMINATOR Worx for you

  • Fluid enters the intake slots located at the top of the tool. Once inside, fluid velocity is reduced to minimize turbulence and emulsion. As fluid and solids are forced downward, gas naturally rises and exits the intake slots.
  • Gas-free fluid then reaches the dual-channel spiral, which forces fluid and solids into a centrifugal motion, moving solids towards the ID of the tool barrel and into the lower solids channel while most of the lighter fluid is retained in the higher channel.
  • All solids in the solids channel are drained into the mud joints via the solids drain.
  • Solids then settle in the mud joint while clean, gas and solid-free fluid rises up the dip tube and straight to the pump.


  • 5.5” Application (25’ total)

Gas Separator Portion

  • OD: 4.125”
  • Length: 20’

Running Order

  • Pump Assembly
  • 4’ Lift Sub
  • The Dominator Gas & Solids Separator
  • Mud Joints
  • Bull Plug

Sand Separator Portion

  • OD: 3.75”
  • Length: 5’
  • Production: 400 bbls

    NOTE: Production capacities calculated with a downward fluid velocity of 0.4 feet per second

“Dynamic Wells Require Dynamic Solutions”

Matt Raglin
WellWorx President

US Patent No. 11773708

Rod Pumping: Principles, Best Practices and Technologies

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