Dear Mr. President

I am writing this letter to you at a time when I know you are very busy. These are trying and stressful times for the entire country and I know you are working around the clock to not only battle Covid-19 but also the severe economic impact the virus has brought to our great country. I applaud your efforts and think you have done a tremendous job on both fronts. I am glad you are in charge at a time when leadership really matters. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

As the owner of a small, oil industry service company headquartered in Midland, Texas, I also applaud your efforts to aid the collapsing industry with your plan to purchase U.S. produced oil to fill the national petroleum reserve. You are certainly putting America first as you promised and I assure you the industry is thankful. In addition – and prior to the current crisis – your initiatives around deregulation have brought tremendous benefit to our industry.

The current stimulus bill will also aid oil industry workers effected by the crisis.

In my view, our industry is fighting two crises simultaneously: The Coronavirus and what I have come to call the OPEC Virus. OPEC, with Saudi Arabia leading the way, has taken advantage of Covid-19 and the negative impact on world consumption to try and destroy the U.S. oil and gas industry. This is a despicable and deplorable maneuver that cannot go unchecked. I am asking you for immediate action to counter their attempt to gain market share by crushing the U.S. industry.

You have done a great job strengthening the U.S. oil industry and, for the first time ever, the U.S. is energy independent and has even become an exporter. This is a tremendous accomplishment. Millions of jobs have been created across the country and your idea of “Made In America” has become a reality.

But let’s not forget: The OPEC countries have had their foot on our throat for the last fifty years. The oil market has never been a free market economy. It has been controlled by this cartel, which acts only in the interest of its controlling members. We have bowed to their whims and fought wars on their behalf to ensure a steady supply of energy. American blood and invaluable resources have been sacrificed in this effort. Obviously, they recognize the benefits of holding the United States hostage and want to ensure through price manipulation and unfair trade practices that this one-sided relationship stays intact.

Enough is enough, Mr. President.

As with past economic stimulus packages, the current stimulus monies will be distributed to the usual industries. Automakers, airlines and the travel industry will be the primary beneficiaries and I am understanding of this, as I realize the dire straits these industries will face in the coming months.

However, I believe stimulus for saving the domestic oil and gas industry is easier and does not require a check from the United States Treasury. An embargo of OPEC oil and/or an import tax is all that is required, and I humbly request immediate action to save the United States oil industry. Our energy independence and national security are at stake. The cartel should not be allowed to get away with the shameful move of taking advantage of the pandemic to crush an entire sector of the United States economy and put at risk the jobs of millions of American workers.

Mr. President, we are counting on you and I am confident your firm leadership will not only quickly guide this country through this crisis, but restore and further build upon the great trajectory of American business under your leadership.



Matt Raglin

WellWorx Energy President